Bennettsville Downtown Development Association
Celebrating a Proud Past... a Promising Future

To create a promising future in a place which inspires people to achieve their best through nurturing partnerships and loyalties while enhancing the experience of a small historic southern town.

The Bennettsville Downtown Development Association (BDDA) is dedicated to the development, growth, and preservation of Bennettsvilles' historic downtown area.

Bennettsville Downtown Development Association

In the Vision Statement shown above, the Bennettsville Downtown Development Association (BDDA) speaks to the history as well as the dreams of those passionate folks who live and work, rear their children and support their community.

WHO ARE WE? Throughout history, when people of like mind gathered together, they founded an organization (Association) to preserve and perpetuate their beliefs. BDDA is such an organization, founded in June of 1986, to follow the vision statement we have today. Our membership is 124 strong PLUS city and county governments and the School District of Marlboro County.

WHAT ARE WE? We are a non-profit, 301 (3-c) Association dedicated to making our town all it can be. We "Celebrate a Proud Past and a Promising Future." History plays a most important role in being all we can be for we believe our present and our future are based on our past. So we are regular citizens and organizations working together to promote and grow our city, to continue our legacy, and to leave for those who follow a love for who we are and for what we have here. “We are at the corner of history and the sky’s the limit.”

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Join our efforts. Share your talents with your neighbors who feel the passion for our town and its future. You can do this in countless small ways or in many larger ways. Just help by calling Ken Harmon, BDDA, 843-479-3869 or write:

Bennettsville Downtown Development Association
PO Box 1293,
Bennettsville, SC 29512.